Greivance committee helps members when the district's policies or decisions break contract language

Chair- Ken Bassett
Vice Chair- Rachel Krementz
Pam McCabe
Lauren Rossi
Jen DeMario


The legislative action team is used to increase member awareness of governent policies that have an impact on the work lives of educators

Chair-Ken Bassett
Gretchen Bischoff


Chair - Rachel Krementz
Vice Chair - Ken Bassett
Pam McCabe
Gretchen Bischoff
Lauren Rossi
Ken Dickenson


Ensures that all elegible individuals have the capability to become members of the union

Chair- Lauren Rossi

Sunshine Committee

The Sunshine Committee is tasked to create and advertise social activites to our membership to create a cohesive and strong association as well as design and distribute pride wear for our association.

Chair-Jen DeMario
Samatha Filangieri
Nicole Scheffler